boys to men hawaiiThe reality is that good men are not born. They are built, shaped and molded during their childhood and adolescent years by the adults in their lives.  But what if no man is there to teach him, to be his role model, or his guide?

The most important factor of whether a boy will thrive or struggle during his teenage years is determined by the quality of the male role models in his life. The most at-risk boys have the most dysfunctional male role models.

The mission of Boys to Men is twofold:

  1. Empowering boys to grow into healthy, and mature, men, fathers and leaders of our communities by modeling authentic leadership, and supporting them to leave behind destructive behaviors that keep them from their true potential.
  1. Recruiting, training and supporting men in the community to actively participate in the lives of our young people. We challenge the men to model healthy adult behaviors, develop their own resilience, and emotional intelligence, and to live with greater personal responsibility and integrity.

Our community-based program and approach gives boys a safe place to get real and talk about the problems all teenage boys like to keep inside, and we encourage a community where boys know they are NOT ALONE in their feelings.

72% of our boys live below the poverty level in single mother homes.

“Before Boys to Men, I was always getting into fights and making all the wrong decisions. I was headed towards juvenile hall or worse, death. Boys to Men means a lot to me. It is a group of men I can trust.”

– Isaias