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Tetris 99 Big Block DLC Delivers Two Paid Offline Modes

Okay Game functions with major graphical or audio glitches, but game is playable from start to finish with workarounds. Discover more Puyo Puyo games, games published by Sega, and video game crossovers. In the Solo Arcade section, you also have a series of challenges, and old classics are back such as Ultra, Marathon, and Sprint. You drop blocks consisting of four connected squares, called Tetriminoes, into a rectangular field called the well.

  • You can send your blocks to those attacking you, those who have the most badges, or to those who are in danger of being defeated soon.
  • Earn points, virtual money, and compete against others in our 8-bit challenges.
  • You might turn out the lights, or cause them to instantly drop each of their blocks, or even just give them bizarre shapes that there’s no possible way they could make a cohesive thing out of.

Tetris 99 is also a great showcase of what Nintendo Switch Online can handle. I never ran into problems across any of my matches and considering that Nintendo Switch Online is currently 8 million players strong, you won’t have trouble finding a lobby of 98 other players to battle with. If you do an all-clear, which means clearing all lines off the board, you send out four garbage lines, plus any multipliers. Also included with this update are new button configuration options, user emblems, and an option to redeem 4 themes from past Maximus CUP events. Nintendo has released Tetris 99 update 2.1.0 for the Nintendo Switch which adds the all-new Team Battle Mode, password matchmaking, new button configuration options and more. Joshua holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and has been exploring the world of video games for as long as he can remember.

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The graphics are excellent – both stunningly detailed as well as streamlined enough to make navigating easy. Mario Kart will always be on the top of multiplayer game recommendations for a reason. Although the information on the DLC is still pretty scarce and so far, only the Japanese website for Nintendo has listed this DLC, the pack is not free. It will be a paid DLC and players who want to play the game offline along with their friends and family locally will need to purchase the DLC. We also don’t know whether these will use online servers or the game will simply work offline even if there is not an online connection. Despite GTA V launching almost a decade ago, the multiplayer portion of the game goes from strength to strength with a higher player count year on year.

Now, Nintendo is introducing a paid component with the new $10 Big Block DLC. The idea is fine, but I would much rather see an expansion of the library, including GameBoy Advance and Nintendo GameCube games, which have previously not been available outside of special situations. I grabbed all of the previous event themes as they came out, I assume based on the patch notes that they’ve been added to the shop?

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We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. Our editors independently selected the products discussed here, and GameSpot may receive a portion of the revenue if you purchase anything featured on our site. It is very nice to have a traditional Tetris experience on Switch in the Marathon mode. Pick your line goal and your starting speed and get to work. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. The classic Tetris theme song in very techno-infused remix.

But to start off with, know that this is exactly what it should be. Add in an anime visual novel involving giant Tetris blocks, interdimensional shenanigans and a “Mom’s Halloween costume” Pikachu and you’ve pretty much got a grip on what this game is. Vibrant characters and an all-new story adventure add dimension to addictive arcade puzzle play. Since these matches are about managing health and mana rather than just keeping your board from filling up, they require entirely different strategies to master. To sweeten the deal, sound has also seen an improvement since the original Puyo Puyo Tetris. While the original did not sound bad by any stretch, the audio sometimes felt directionless, this was especially the case with the English voice acting.

Challenge lets you choose from another set of six single-player game variations, three Puyo Puyo and three Tetris. Endless Fever makes you clear chains similar to Big Bang mode, but with a time limit. Endless Puyo is a simple endurance mode where you keep playing conventional Puyo Puyo. Tiny Puyo is like Endless Puyo, only the Puyo are much smaller so you have much more space in the well to work with. Sprint makes you clear 40 lines in Tetris as fast as possible, and the similar Marathon mode makes you clear 150 lines as fast as possible, with an emphasis on getting a high score.

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