Because the world needs good men, it is vital to empower, guide, and support adolescent boys.  Good men are not born; they are built – shaped throughout their childhood, and especially in adolescence, by the adults in their lives.  But what if there are no men there to teach them, to be their role models, their guides?

33% of children are living without a father in their home, and many live with abusive men.  Teenage years are a critical time when boys make choices that affect the rest of their lives.  Boys to Men offers teenage boys a variety of trained group mentors and Journeymen (boys who’ve advanced in the program) as role models and understanding peers.  This powerful group support helps boys face their challenges, make good choices, and grow into good men in service to themselves, their families, and the community.

Boys to Men is a non-profit organization, started in San Diego in 1996, with programs in 21 cities worldwide.  Boys to Men Hawaii has been active since October 2013.  We have a long waiting list of boys that would love to join.  Get involved and help us grow the movement here in Hawaii to empower as many boys as we can.


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