Did You Know… Our Boys Need Help

Suicide is the #2 Cause of Death for all
young persons. And males commit 78% of all suicides.

(CDC National Vital Statistics Report, 2016)

93.3 % of Americans in prison are men. 85% of youths in prisons grew up
in a fatherless home.

(Federal Bureau of Prisons, 2016)

71% of all high school dropouts come
from fatherless homes.

(National Principals Association Report)

Studies Show Boys to Men Improves Boys’ Lives

Boys to Men boys feel better
about themselves and others.

*Shift from bullies to leaders*

They perform better

*Improved attendance and higher grades*

They have a 0% school
dropout rate.

What is the Boys To Men Hawaii Mentoring Program?

Boys to Men is a group mentoring program that provides positivity, guidance, support, and safety in boys’ lives. In the absence of healthy mentorship, boys are at risk of becoming disconnected from their community. This poses an enormous danger to the community. Boys to Men group mentors sit in circle weekly with these boys, providing connection, hope, and support.

Listen to how these boys found hope, support, and a new path through the Boys to Men program.

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